Animation has been a part of many of our lives for a long time. Many of us grew up watching Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons, and even today animated movies are one of the larger industries in existence. Here in America we tend to call these shows cartoons, in other countries often times it is referred to as anime.

Anime Inquiries is a website dedicated to informing, recommending and creating a community rich in communications to promote and introduce individuals to all things anime. This includes the culture of Japan (and any other country that might encompass this art form), to the history and the entertainment it can provide. We provide a forum for discussions and commentary, chat rooms, recommendations, featured artists, and many other opportunities to become involved in the anime universe.

Our mission is to provide a community space for open discussion, recommend content for entertainment purposes, while also providing the latest updates concerning the anime world, and information on the culture of the respected countries in which this art form stems.

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