YouTube is a great resource for finding new recommendations and favorites. You can discover new music and create playlists, follow other YouTubers and hear their stories, recommendations and reviews, find clips of your favorite scenes, and so much more.

Although YouTube is a wonderful resource full of videos to watch and enjoy, Anime Inquiries does no recommend using this source for the purpose of watching episodes of anime. Instead we encourage the usage of YouTube for things such as finding new recommendations through things such as top ten lists, or critiques for shows, and possibly even music such as openings and endings.

Some of our favorite YouTubers are:

Anime America

A channel that provides great commentary and opinion pieces on different animes, top 10 lists, reviews and comparisons, and live chats. Sometimes you will see the in-person YouTubers, but most of the time you will see the animated chibi characters that represent the channel commentators. 

Anime Sins

A parody channel of Cinema Sins. This channel uses humor, sarcasm and satire to create a comedy segment, critiquing a variety of anime series. 


Not exclusive to anime, this channel offers great top 10 lists with insightful commentary and opinions, sometimes featuring guest star speakers/voice actors.


An anime hub that provides quality content to users. Many times you will find clips of the latest episode releases or previews for the next episodes. Funimation is a great source for finding out more information or getting your feet wet with your discoveries. This channel only scratches the surface, check out Funimation’s website for more!


Crunchyroll is one of the top anime streaming networks in the world. They provide anime news, top 10 lists, anime clips and previews, information on culture and connections to the top shows. This YouTube channel is only the beginning, for more information and more anime streaming check out their website!

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