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Anime of the Week 10/3/22

This weeks anime recommendation is called ALDNOAH.ZERO Genre: action, sci-fi, mecha, drama, romance Number of episodes: 24 Synopsis: After discovering an alien hypergate on the moon, humans began utilizing it to further their technology. This eventually lead to the colonization of the planet Mars. New technology discovered on Mars (aldnoah) then leads the colonizers to […]

Anime of the Week 10/18/20

This week’s anime recommendation is titled Welcome to the Ballroom also known as Ballroom e Youkoso Genre: drama, sports Number of Episodes: 24 Synopsis: Student Tatara Fujita has no ambitions for his future. By chance, Tatara stumbles upon a dance studio. After observing the classes and watching the grace and power of his instructor, Tatara […]

Anime of the Week 7/27/20

This week’s anime recommendation is titled In/Spectre Genre: supernatural, mystery, romance, comedy Number of Episodes: 12 Synopsis: Iwanaga Kotoko becomes the goddess of wisdom for the supernatural at a young age, her job: solve their problems. Years later she encounters a boy whom she falls in love with, but the supernatural beings all turn away […]

Anime of the Week 5/11/20

This week’s anime recommendation is called Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Genre: romance, drama, supernatural Number of Episodes: 13 Synopsis: Growing up is hard with balancing school, personal life, and after school activities, not to mention puberty. But now you also have to deal with the supernatural phenomenon called “Puberty Syndrome” which […]

Delays in Productions

Hello everyone. As many of us know, the current pandemic that is hitting the world has impacted much of our daily lives. It’s changed the way we interact, shop, and work. But it has also impacted production of some of our much anticipated new arrivals for anime, as well as updated episodes. Many simulcasts, new […]

Anime of the Week 4/27/20

This week’s anime recommendation is called Meiji Tokyo Renka Genre: romance, drama, supernatural/fantasy Number of Episodes: 12 Synopsis: Looking for an escape from her reality, Mei is transported back in time to the Meiji era. Lost and confused, Mei finds herself surrounded by mysterious and handsome men at a ball. And somehow she is able […]

Anime of the Week 4/20/20

This week’s anime recommendation of the week is called Bleach Genre: supernatural, action, drama, comedy Number of Episodes: 15 seasons totaling 366 episodes Synopsis: High school student Ichigo Kurosaki has always been able to see spirits. When things begin to get stranger in his home town, and the lives of his family and friends are […]

Anime of the Week 4/13/20

This week’s recommendation is called March Comes In Like A Lion Genre: slice of life. drama Number of Episodes: Season 1 has 22 episodes, Season 2 has 22 episodes Synopsis: Rei works hard to continue his career as a young, professional shogi player while trying to understand his own emotions, overcoming his past and making […]

Anime of the Week 4/6/20

This week’s anime recommendation is titled The Legend of the Legendary Heroes Genre: fantasy, comedy, action, drama Number of Episodes: 24 Synopsis: Lazy scholar Ryner Lute is sent on a journey to recover old magical relics. Partnered with a sword wielding, dango obsessed woman, Ryner must overcome his own history and abilities to help his […]

Anime of the Week 3/30/20

This week’s anime recommendation is titled Durarara!! Genre: action, supernatural, mystery, drama Number of Episodes: Season 1 has 25 episodes, Season 2 part 1 has 12 episodes, Season 2 part 2 has 12 episodes, Season 2 part 3 has 12 episodes Synopsis: Ikebukuro is a city where an urban legend takes physical form and gangs […]

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