And We’re Back After a Not So Brief Intermission…

Hello everyone! Wow…it’s been almost a year since the last post. I apologize for the wait. Things have been hectic in the real world, what with the pandemic and all… I had to take a really long break not only to cope with the way the world is around us right now, but also to take time to figure out what I want to do with my website.

I really enjoy giving you all recommendations. This is not a sponsored site. I provide information and recommendations based on my likes and what I have seen and what is available at the time. However, I feel I have failed to push some of the other things I originally set out to have my site accomplish such as providing cultural information, photo galleries, chat room options, and so much more. I am considering revamping my website to accommodate these things better and shift my focus a little. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on recommendations. On the contrary. One of the things I have considered doing is recording my own commentary and critiques while watching anime… This was an idea that circulated with a friend of mine a few years back, however we never saw it come to light as life got in the way. However, after spending some time with another close friend of mine and talking it over with her we thought of some ways we could make this happen. This would be a while in the making, mind you, as I would have to take time to get the necessary equipment. But, what do you all think? Would this be something you are interested in seeing? Tell me in the comments below, I’m eager to hear your opinions.

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