Anime of the Week 4/22/18

This week’s anime is called Seirei Moribito better known as Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

Genre: historical, action, drama, fantasy

Number of Episodes: 26 episodes

Synopsis: Balsa, a female body guard and warrior spear wielder, is traveling the world trying to make amends for her past transgressions and make up for the lives she ended. While on her travels Balsa saves a young boy who fell off a bridge into a river. The boy turns out to be the young prince of the country. Balsa is recruited and hired by the queen to protect and save the young prince when it is discovered that his father, the Emperor, is trying to have him assassinated. As the two journey together they learn the reasoning behind the Emperor’s desire to have the young prince killed, and must survive with the help of their friends as they discover more about themselves and try to escape the grasp of the Emperor.

Start watching it today!

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