The ‘West’ and Anime: Cultural Influences

Culture can be described as the backbone of society, giving sustenance to individuals and diversity to areas. Without experiencing particular aspects of a culture personally, individuals are left inquiring on the matter. Different sources of media can help to shape our interpretation and understanding of the world, some negative and some positive. Anime is no exception. But how impressionable are we really? Can anime teach us something about the people and the culture of Japan, or are we just assuming?

This article written by Jordan on the website The Artifice, an online magazine that covers a wide range of art forms, does a good job of breaking down a few of the different aspects of Japanese culture and how they are represented in anime, and therefore how other people/cultures may perceive that information. It then goes into a bit of detail as to how relevant that information may be in reality versus the fictional world of anime.

What the West Learned About Japanese Culture from Anime

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